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Food specialties in Compostela

The Spanish Cuisine is generally very reach and tasty.

The most famous dish is undoubtedly Paella, from the word Padella (Pan).

Paella is a traditional Iberian food, which can be garnished with rice, meat or fish. Originally, paella was meant as a single dish, very reach and long to be prepared, since the various elements often have each a different cooking time. Galicia is a region bordering the Ocean on two sides, while the inland is pretty mountainous.
tetillaFrom the mountains and cattles, a special kind of cheese is obtained, with a very peculiar shape and name: the Tetilla, sweet and delicate, which you can often see standing out of the food store windows of the region.
The presence of a sea so full of fish has strongly influenced the traditional Galician cuisine. The Atlantic coast represents the natural habitat for many species of fish and crustaceans, which are learnedly prepared, and the taste of these dishes is worth by itself a journey to Galicia!
If you get until the west coast, you will have to taste the grilled lobsters as soon as they are fished; the Marellada (a dish made with crustaceans), and, most of all, Percebe. Despite their unattractive aspect (they look like pig’s feet..), these crustaceans bring with them all tastes of the sea.
Their great demand is also due to the difficulty of fishing. In fact, the only way for fishermen to pick up these crustaceans is to go down the cliffs in between the sea storms, with the risk of being crushed against the cliffs by the fury of the waves.
Last but not least, a quick mention of the so called St. James Cake, a specialty made of almonds, eggs and cinnamon, which is said to be two centuries old. The cake is decorated with an image of the Saint made of sugar.

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