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Events in Santiago de Compostela

The city of Santiago is rich of events connected to its twofold nature of spiritual city and university city. Santiago remains today a place of tradition and, at the same time, a place of urban and stylish modifications that aim to keep up with time.
The liveliest periods for the city are in connection with religious feasts, such as Christmas, Pentecost, but above all, Easter and the Holy Week, and, of course, the feast of St. James (which falls on the second fortnight of July).
Among the profane events, the ancient and modern music festivals, as well as film and theatre festivals are worth a mention. Many of these events are organized for and by the students of the University of Santiago, and represent quite a contrast with the spiritual soul of the city.

Festival Internacional de Música de Galicia
Info: Auditorio de Galicia
Avenida  Burgo Das Nacións, s/n 15705 Santiago de Compostela  (A Coruña)
Tel. +34 981552290 /Fax +34 981574250

Compostela Festival Músicas do Mundo
Info: Plaza  de Quintana, s/n 15704 Santiago de Compostela  (A Coruña)

Mapas, Cosmogonías e Puntos de Referencia
Info: Centro Gallego de Arte Contemporáneo (CGAC)
Calle  Valle Inclán, s/n 15704 Santiago de Compostela  (A Coruña)
Tel. +34 981546619 /Fax +34 981546625