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Welcome to Santiago de Compostela!

For years, the city of Compostela has been the pilgrimage destination of those who wished to reach the sanctuary of St. James the Apostle.
Over the last years, and with the contribution of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000, the Way of St. James has seen the rebirth of the interest in visiting the Galician town, but for many years pilgrimages represented an old-fashioned tradition. It was in this period that Compostela grew independently and originally respect to its religious vocation, becoming an important university city. Up to the present, Santiago has kept this twofold soul untouched: on one side the spiritual town, final goal of a long and often difficult pilgrimage; on the other side a young and lively town , full of night clubs and amusing spots.

Thanks to this harmonious combination, Santiago de Compostela represents an interesting destination for all travellers: those in search for spirituality, as well as those who wish to spend a funny and carefree stay.



Santiago de Compostela